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Tristan Bates 2013 Workshop

In September 2013, as part of Michael’s final MA Musical Theatre Project, Dave took an outing to the Tristan Bates Theatre for a 45 minute workshop showcasing the first part of the show.

Featuring the first eight songs, including Dave’s I Wish, Something More and Anthrax’s anthemic World of Endless Grey, the showcase leaves Dave here at the brink of a Fairo-Goblin war that only he can resolve. Having discovered that Anthrax has been tricking him into attacking humankind with the pain of toothache, Dave embarks on a mission to stop the Goblins at the Mood Division… but first he has to make sure that Jade is safe. Finding her house empty, he rushes to the Mood Division. He finds the Mood Spreader machine crunching away, the fuel chamber filled with rotten teeth and misery spilling out in waves. Unable to stop it himself, he runs for help. The Fairy Godmother and the entire Fairy Army are too weak and sick from the Goblins’ magic to help him and Crystal is nowhere to be found. Alone, frightened and growing weaker by the minute, Dave sets off to take on the Goblins himself. It’s all down to Dave.

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What Next?

What next indeed for Dave and his Fairy chums?  Well, Fairyland is currently under construction and needs to be completed. We think that ‘Dave’ has real potential and would love to take the show further. We’re looking for backers, investors, producers…anyone who might be interested….Cameron Mackintosh’s phone number….?  (insert here if you know it)

Further workshops and a longer version of the show will be our next step, in the hope that someone who is able to help us find something in ‘Dave’ that captures their imagination… or their shrewd eye.

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